Sunday, July 5, 2009

Always Learning...Today it was a Bald Hornet lesson

Science doesn't stop just because we've closed the books for a few months. These nasty things have been taking up residence in our berry patch. We thought we got rid of the the two huge nests but alas today we discovered they were rebuilding....

Just look at the queen. She is twice as big as big as the sentry, who was guarding the build site. My husband had his bee attire on and sniped the newly constructed nest to put into the bag. We will be adding the nest, the sentry and the queen to our insect collection - what a great find for this science collection!

Happy Fourth of July 2009

Cowboy here thought it was magnificent that he was able to pilot the boat by himself. He was even allowed to take his siblings, one at a time, out for a private boat ride - great fun.

Fourth of July has become our favorite holiday, but this year was a bitter-sweet celebration. Bitter for the fact that our dear, dear friends, whom we have spent the past seven(I think) fourth of July's with, were moved out of state and there was no way to get together for this year's celebration. They are family and very dear to our hearts and we missed them so very much...missed the laughter...squeals of delight from all the children...missed the good food...missed the good company...missed the Godly fellowship that went on every Fourth of July! I gave this one up to the Lord and am asking Him to make it happen for next year.

Now to the sweetness of the husband went out the day before to get us hot dogs(can I just say yuk and barf...rats on a stick is what I call them) but that wasn't the sweet part. He also came home with life jackets and a four man, blow up boat with paddles. We had so much fun at the lake on that boat.

Afterwards a dear friend, whose family was across the mountains working on a project, came bearing foods and gifts to celebrate the 4th with us. We enjoyed her company so much...she's a gem of a lady and so enjoyable to be around.

How was your Fourth of July? If you are wondering why we had the lake to's because we get there early - we left our house at 8:00 to arrive at the lake by 9:00. We had the lake to ourselves for most of the morning. It didn't start getting really busy until about 2:00 or so...very nice
.Ka-Boom...look at those grins...this is definitely the favored holiday in our house!

A Knight and A Princess

Sweet Isn't It...

Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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