Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ahhhh...My Favorite Time of the Year...Winter!

I love, love, love the it! I love sledding and building snowpeople has to be my most favorite thing to do in the snow.....really! So the children and I walked up our very, very, very long driveway and got busy building snowpeople. Aren't they great! I think that my oldest and my daughter take the cake in creativity. Sad to say but all things must come to an end...and after our two hour snow building we headed back down the driveway...stopped for a few sled runs...and in for hot chocolate! I'm so glad I took pictures as the very next day we awoke to high winds and rain...our snowpeople didn't make it and have all!

Friday, November 18, 2011

You Are So Silly

Some fun and very silly oldest son wins the prize on silliness! He had me in stitches as he "sauntered" into the kitchen with his younger brother's sunglasses on and his hair completely poofed out...he was trying to hint to me that he needed a haircut...he is so funny! I just love him and his great sense of humor!

I had to add the first day of school picture - as, to my horror, it has been since summer since I blogged...eeek! School is wonderful and we are all happily learning our ABC's!

It Has Been A Bit...Sorry

Five...He's Five...Five...Amazing!
What a fun day we had. Our little guy thought that turning five was fabulous. Jireh and I tried to make "Ocean" cupcakes complete with "Sharks" (made from Twinkies), the picture we used looked much better...but they did turn out okay and tasted oh, so yummie. For his birthday dinner he wanted to roast hot dogs and we did just that - it was very memorable.

We also got another trio of piglets. Our second oldest is not too happy as he discovered yesterday that the pigs had gotten a chicken...and ate it all gone except a few feathers and (gross I know) the head...sorry but no other way of saying it.

Our oldest son has been busy building a really cool "survival" fort for his younger brothers - who now think he is the best big brother in the whole world - with very cool building skills. (As I type this it is snowing and the fort is holding up quite well)

I trust that all of you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving and find yourselves in the Lord's company. We are SOOOOOO looking forward to our Thanksgiving. As many of you know we have not really been in a place to make the Thanksgiving dinner...nor have wonderful windows to look out of...but this year the Lord sees fit to have us in a place with great windows and a quaint little kitchen - just perfect to prepare our Thanksgiving - and I have a list of yummie foods planned as well as our favorite appetizers - we are all so thankful! I think I'm mostly thankful for - WINDOWS!

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Summer Collection

So here is a summer collection of fun pictures for you! We have been busy getting ready for the fair, playing at the lake and just enjoying the summer. My daughter got her first sqirrel - she shot it and skinned it on her own - nice job "Annie Oakley"!

I want to also take this moment to wish a very special friend "Happy Birthday" - she is dear to my heart and is a rare jem - someone I treasure!

Thanks for stopping by the blog - enjoy the rest of your summer!

Friday, July 1, 2011

In Honor of Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to some very wonderful Fathers...late I know but you all understand! We are so blessed to know some very wonderful Fathers here and across the country...(you know who you are) all the Fathers we know we appreciate your steadfastness in raising children for the Lord's - thank you so much.

So the Lord has blessed us with some new friends. We are so grateful for these new friends. A few months ago my daughter and I began to pray for a friend for her. The Lord not only gave us a wonderful friend for our daughter, a friend who wants the Lord in her life, who reads her Bible and is a lady....we adore this little friend....anyway not only did he bless our daughter with a new friend he brought a family that we just enjoy so much. The little boy and my third oldest get along wonderfully - same temperament. All of that was to explain who was in the photos.

We asked them if they would like to spend Father's Day with us...and they said sure. Both the mom and daughter are very creative and the brought a white frosted cake for the children to decorate for the father's. Our little home was filled with joy and happiness....and lots of sugar. We had a delightful time. We are so thankful for the Lord to be true to his word - that He will do above and beyond what we can imagine"....this whole friendship has been a true blessing and a fulfilment of the made my faith stronger and I'm so thankful for that.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Experiences

Lots happened this was a great week. We started our summer school off by going fishing. It was a great fishing day...didn't catch any fish but that wasn't important.
Don't you just love our very own "Annie Oakley". Love her drive to be the best shooter in the world.
Flowers...I love flowers! My very compassionate and caring son has been working various jobs around our little community and at one job he took flowers for pay...doesn't that just melt your heart - it did mine!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and we hope to catch you up next Friday. Hugs to all!

Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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