Monday, November 24, 2008

A thought for the ladies....

Womb Cleaning Pad wrapped up in itself...

The backside or the leak barrier....

The front or the part that catches the "stuff"...

So what would you do with $100 extra a year? I could do a lot with that...What if you weren't able to get those monthly "things" you is my soulution and I love it!

I have been making and using these "womb cleaning" pads for about four months now and felt that I should tell you about them. First, they will and do save us money each month. Second, they are VERY comfortable. Third, you can use whatever you have to make them...I've used old t-shirts, socks for the inside linner, old flannel, new material if you want. I've used an old changing pad, the kind for on the go diaper changing. Forth, (my favorite reason) there a no nasty chemicals in them...just clean and fresh! There are so many pros to using these - give them a try! One more thing - this is a great first sewing project. My daughter is making a set of pads for herself and learning how to sew in the process...

A friend of mine suggested I try them and so I googled "cloth mentstral pads" and a lot of sites came up. Some where you can purchase all ready made pads - but why purchase them when you can make them are a few sites with the free patterns I used: - this pattern I like the best. - this pattern is very easy to use and this site has a picture of a square pad which I use this one for those heavy days/nights.

I've never had a problem with leaking. If I'm going somewhere I just bring a plastic zip lock bag with me and store them in there till I can get home.

Which brings me to washing is what I do. I have a small trash can with close-able lid, I put them in there and when my womb cleaning is completed I put them in the wash, by themselves, and do a vinegar cold water short wash first, then I will use "charlie's soap" and wash on a heavy wash with hot water/cold rinse. Dry as normal...or let them air dry. That's it simple, economical, and if your wanting to "save the environment" well there you go...a very "green" way to go!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ahhh this is the life...

Our cows are so happy...they seem to love the pasture and their "palace" barn... Ruthie is letting us brush her and we can almost brush Rosie...they really seem to like our children!

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Legos Are A Great Thing....

You have to love legos...especially when mom says no to the electronic babysitter...heheheheh! It makes me so happy to see my children playing with legos...they love to build and create!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Good Study

We love this "Ruby doll kit" a proverbs 31 study from Doorposts. I started this with my daughter in the summer. We only do about one step per week and she loves it!

Doorposts has a lot of inexpensive books, crafts, etc..., they are family owned and very scriptural.

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French Bread

2 1/2 cups warm potatoe water
1 tbsp. yeast
1 tbsp honey
2 tsp salt
2 tbsp olive oil
3 cups fresh soft wheat flour or all purpose
3 cups fresh whole wheat flour
Mix all ingredients except the soft flour for one minute in large mixing bowl. Then add the soft flour until the mixture cleans the sides of the bowl. Turn out onto floured surface and knead for 10 - 13 minutes. Allow dough to rise 30 minutes in greased bowl.
To shape loaves: Divide dough into two parts, roll each part into a 12x15 rectangle. Roll up tightly along long side. Pinch the edges to seal. Place on greased cookie sheet or stone. Let rise for 60 minutes.
When done rising slash the tops with serrated knife three times. Beat one egg white with water till foamy. Use either pastry brush or hands to lightly coat top and sides of loaves with egg white mix.
Bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes. Let cool for 10 minutes then remove to wire racks to cool completely.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Living in the country has perks...

Sometimes I'm reminded why we live in the country - here are a few pictures that are worth a thousand words...I'm a blessed woman!
I brought these flowering kale in from the garden for a bit of color and little man was sitting on the counter watching me arrange the flowers. I went to set them on the opposite counter and when I turned he was laughing and looking at his inch worm, to his delight, had followed us into the house...what fun that was for him.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Concentration Camp....

As we approached the cow farm my heart sank! There were green pasture all around...but not one cow in the pasture. Instead they were housed in a horrid confined place that was at least 2-4 feet thick with cow waste! The smell was horrid and the cows were covered in waste - it was awful!
My heart was sickened as those pictures on the milk products at the grocery store depicting pastured cows came to my mind...what a farce! It is amazing to me that what God intended for good we, once again, distort and ruin! The cows provide our country with dairy products and meat and they are housed in "cow concentration camps". We are happy to have rescued two ladies out of that mess and in turn they will provide for our family.

Look at that bale of hay...what fun!

Here little man is drawing out the names for our girls. The names that were drawn out were "Rose" and "Ruth".

Ruth and Rose having a yummie corn stalk snack! They will be spoiled for sure and loved very much. Both girls are expecting in the next few months - that will be a treat and an experience for sure.

So I don't know how to turn this picture around and I couldn't figure out how to erase you'll just have to do a little stretch to see it!
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Always wanting what we can't have...

We always long for what we can't have and my children are no exception! I haven't bought boxed cereal for many months now and my children sometimes really miss it...I do too for the fact that it's easy to serve! Well I had a dessert that called for rice krispies and they were elated at the idea that there would be enough left over for each of them to have a bowl or two...

It was interesting to me as they are normally served a hot breakfast...eggs, toast, oatmeal or wheat flakes...and they like it but they really miss the cold morning breakfasts...isn't that a hoot!

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P.S. In case you are wondering they do get cold cereal for breakfast on their birthdays and Christmas. I look at cold cereal like I would candy...moderation! I'm going to preach's just not good for you at all...really think about it. How can it be - it's cooked till it's "crunchy" - which means there is nothing left that's good at all...then there is the processing plants - gross! Even though they claim on all the boxes the vitamins and minerals etc.., but they have to add synthetic vitamins and minerals that the body can not process very well...there you have it your very own nutrition class...heheheheheheh

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Hmmmmmm Moment...

With all the deep hatred today of "color" be it black, white, red, olive I stumbled upon this and found it to be a wonderful picture of the song..."He's got the whole world in His hands..

During our morning reading time I have been reading the book "Great Women in American History". This weeks lady is Mary McLeod Bethune. She was a black girl who grew up knowing both slavery and freedom. During an evangelistic trip to the Dakotas she meet a five year old girl who insisted that she wash before dinner because her skin was so dirty. The child's mother was horrified, but Mary just smiled. HERE IS THE PART I FOUND WONDERFUL: Mary held up a vase of flowers saying, "Look at all the different colors of these flowers. God made men just the way he made the flowers, some one color, some another, so that when they are gathered together they make a beautiful bouquet." Isn't that a beautiful picture...

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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Seems fitting that we start off our blog site with thankfulness. So here is a bit of what we are thankful for:

Hope for a few new mooooooving friends...the cows will be coming home soon!
Family - in this upside down world we are thankful for a family that is keeping the bonds and yokes of the Lord...
Friends to keep us in line...
"Keepers" Hair...oh, some of you will laugh as you know that the keeper of the home often, too often, complains about her more I tell you!
Boys growing into godly young men who will change the course of this country and stand for what is right!
Girls that will be pillars when it really matters most!
A bountiful harvest
The Sound of Music...who wouldn't be thankful for this movie...
The list could go on...but I'll stop by saying this...Be thankful - we have so much!


Fall...don't you just love fall? As we have enjoyed many days here lately I've noticed that fall has been different this year. I think it has to do with the peace and joy I feel in my heart. I see new things that I've never noticed before - like the wind blowing the leaves off of the trees...why have I never noticed that before I wonder? I'm sure I have but for some reason it just seems so beautiful and peaceful to me this year....hmmmm just something to ponder.

Have a delightful day tomorrow...

Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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