Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Mother....

I love the glow that surrounds a new mom.  They are so excited at the anticipation of being a mother.  In my book being a mother is a high calling...the most important thing a woman can ever accomplish.

We have some acquaintances that just announced that they are expecting.

Not having a whole lot of resources at the moment I had to get creative so I could bless this young mother and knowing that her and her husband are very into the whole "green" movement I decided that she would love these....A complete set of "sanitary napkins" for after baby arrives, since her body will be cleaning the womb for a few days.

Set of four - two large and two small

One thing this couple has requested, is that any gifts be either used, recycled, or reclaimed.  So these sanitary napkins I made from scraps of material, old jeans, and used flannel.  The waterproof cloth was from lightly used baby changing pad.

I got inspired to continue the "green" theme, and made a bow from scrap material and used a grocery sack for wrapping the napkins in as well as making a cute little card. 

I'm not sure I'd make these for every new mother...but I might!  Using sanitary napkins are so healthy and eco-friendly (if your into that kind of thing).

My friend over at My Life On A Taffy Pull did a superb job on a post about sanitary napkins, here is a link to her post:

I got my pattern from this web site:

The most comfortable material is jean, sweatshirt or flannel.  For the layers inside I use old towels or flannel.  For the waterproof material I've used PUL that I purchased at: as well as using old baby changing pads (the kind that one keeps in the diaper bag for moments when there is no place to change a baby).  Depending on what I have I'll use either snaps or velcro to secure the pad.

I personally have been using home made sanitary napkins for about 7 years now and really like them.  I've never had any leaks.  My menstrual cycle has lessened over the years, the cramps are not as intense, and to be honest...the "smell" is gone.
Inspired?  Good!  Hope you make lots of pads, use them yourself and eventually make some for a new mother.

Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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