Monday, August 2, 2010

Garden Update....

Thought that a garden update would be fun for all of you!~

Aren't these humming birds daring...I was so close to them...And my son was even closer! Don't you just love the sound they make?
I looked up from my spot in the garden, I was "thinning the carrots" out and I laughed so much as our little guy had finally discovered the power of a hose...he had so much fun soaking big brother!
No, the carrots are not covered in dirt...they are actually purple carrots! We really like this kind as they are very sweet!
Thanks for stopping by...if you garden then I wish you happy gardening - if you don't then I wish you a happy "farmers market" shopping day!
P.S....the cow picture was taken with Shaina in!


Before I dive into my post for the day I want to send a special message to a really special family whose school year began today....It is our deepest prayer that your lives would be enriched during the school year, that our Lord would give you wisdom and help you to accomplish what is expected of you during this school year, that you would see the Lord's hand in everything you learn. May you just be so blessed this school year...our hats are off to you excellent students and excellent teacher! Click on the link to meet these outstanding will be so inspired and maybe you who do not home school will be encouraged to look into home schooling!

Okay, so times are tough on all of us these days...some tougher financially than others. I was talking with our neighbor and she told me to use used coffee grounds as an exfoliate!!!! I thought she was a bit nutty...but as usual I love the weird and unusual things of life and tried it - it worked like a charm. I began to think huh if it works on my face that well what wonderful things could it do for the rest of me? As most of you know we garden long hours and I have grown to love gardening barefoot...however the dirt doesn't like to leave my feet, but rather gets embedded in my toes and I tried the coffee grounds and low and behold I had clean feet again...hurrah!

Another use for coffee grounds is scrubbing the pans that you left on the stove all night because you thought you had cleaned everything...and were to tired to really investigate if you had or not...or truth be told discovered it after dishes were done and you had some tea and just wanted to read and thought "oh, bother I'll get it tomorrow". Yes, and by tomorrow morning the food you cooked had become one with the pan. But the coffee grounds did a great job (I really do not like sponges...I used to but became enlightened by a dear friend)...

Don't drink problem places like Starbucks and Tully's Coffee who are really big on "green things" and "recycle" will give you their old coffee ground neatly packaged in a "garden compost" bag...

Happy Exfoliating...stay smooth!

Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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