Friday, August 28, 2009

A Breathtaking View

Just look at this snake that one of the children found...eeeek!
Able to ride and play and be children.
Just look at this view. This is just a stones throw away from our place - wonderful isn't it!
On a hike in the woods we found this rock...makes us think about the flood and proof for creation.

This is what we see everyday...isn't the Lord good to give us a beautiful view! Dave is still looking for work and becoming a bit frustrated.
Thank you for stopping by...I'm enjoying your comments and miss you all so very much. Please keep us in your prayers as it is a struggle to keep praising the Lord through all this...even with the glorious view!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Praise Him through it all...

Clay costumes...

Daring one another to jump into the deep...

What fun we have been having at Fort Spokane. It looks cold but it was actually 85 degrees and the water was so refreshing!

Best meal I've ever had...well except at Mrs. Taffy's of course! The meals were large and wonderful...and where else could you eat right next to the nail bin and hardware store....Good coffee also!
As you can see we are enjoying life and places around here. I will send more next week of the breathtaking views from our front window...
Hugs to all...we miss you tremendously and hope all is well with all of you!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We Have Arrived

Just a quick post here to let everyone know we are well and safe. We found a great lake to play at and will be spending lots of time there and posting lots of pictures.

My husband is still looking for work and we would appreciate all of your prayers.

Thank you for stopping by - I'll post next week...maybe even put in some pictures.

Hugs to all...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gotta Love Berry Season...

Yummie! These are from our berry patch. We have salmon berries, raspberries and logan berries. This is my favorite way to eat waffles...piled with fresh berries, caramel sauce and topped with powder sugar...oh, yum!

Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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