Monday, December 29, 2008

From A Child to A Young Man...not a Teenager!

As our son was approaching the age of 12 we were inclined to listen to the CD, "What to Expect From a 12 Year Old" by Dr. S.M. Davis purchased from Vision Forum. It was very educational and an eye-opener for both us and our son.

We had no idea just how many young men and women ages 12 and sometimes younger accomplished more than most of us could in a lifetime. We were inspired and excited that what we've been thinking all along, "no teenagers in our home" was not a pipe dream but a real possibility.
What a shame that this used to be the normal process of things, not from child to teenager to adulthood - no, it used to be child to young adult to adult! Teenager is a new word. Think about it, what do you think of when the word "teenager or teen" is spoken? What do you think of when someone says "young adult" - there is a difference, a respect, a responsibility, and a purpose.
During the CD the speaker goes over six main points. We asked our son to write down the six main points of the teaching and to "grade" himself from 1-5. He gave himself an average of 3 on most points - meaning he realizes he has work to do...

The things you should expect from a 12 year old are:
Having a mature sense of responsibility, purpose and destiny
Making wise choices in the company they keep
Have a burning desire to gain truth and wisdom
Fully obedient
Constantly respectful
Committed to do the will of God thus having good fruit
The eve before our son's twelfth birthday we sat down together with tea/cider and discussed these points and what it means to have a pure heart. After our discussion we presented our son with a "covenant ring". This ring will serve as a reminder that he entered into a covenant with the Lord and his parents. That he will strive to be a trustworthy and pure man.

Many would say, "it can't be done" or "good-luck trying that" or "well, that was of olden times", or "yeah, that won't work today"...but I say "with the Lord ALL things are possible"! The Lord promises in his very word that our sons are a blessing not a curse, that they are like olive shoots, that they are a crown to their long as we seek after and obey His commands and don't break off the yoke or comforting bonds set for His yes it would be impossible without the Lord...but He is our Lord and we are His people. So join us in rejoicing over our young man and encourage him as he walks this wonderful journey to manhood.

If you look closely you'll see the guitar "dude" on the pie - Our son announced he wanted apple pie not cake this year...and chocolate ice cream...strange combination!

Happy Birthday to our young Man of 12 years old. As tradition, out for breakfast with dad, then home for games and to open presents. Then lunch of junk food and a movie. The day ended with pie and ice cream and some more games...a fun day for a fun "man".

Little man's first cone filled ice cream...needs more practice!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas To All...

Merry Christmas to our family and friends. You are all dear to us. We've had a wonderful celebration which started yesterday. We spent some time with some friends that have walked with us through many ups and downs, happy times and sad...we enjoyed fellowship, food and ended with Christmas carols which opened up our hearts to hear from the was the most beautiful Christmas Eve we've ever had.

Here the children are with their Christmas Eve gifts...jammies and of course cereal from our dear friend "Jack"...

Christmas Confessions....I hope you will still associate with me after reading this...It's true my children are the Milkman's...hahahaha!!!! We were able to enjoy our first glass of raw milk from our girl was so good - just like drinking ice cream!

My very own "milkman" - I'm a lucky girl!

After breakfast we opened stockings and then filtered to the front room and opened gifts, one at a time! We enjoyed a relaxing time watching the movie Wall-e. Since the children all, yes all, got throwing knives we ventured outside to try our hand at hitting a target - not as easy as it looks! Before dinner we played a few games our favorite being - "dress up dad". The children absolutely enjoyed this. Our dinner was delightful as it was foods mostly from our hard work in the garden and canning. We ended our wonderful day by making a little candy village...that was so much fun! We have lots of candy left - yuk! Now we are watching the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth" far my opinion is "hmmmmm yawn" - we'll see...

First BB Gun

What a much fun!

We all feel like this was the most wonderful Christmas we've had.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Grief comes from many sources...loss of a animal is ours this morning. As we labored with our favorite cow Ruth and waited with anticipation and excitement we talked about how much delight we will be getting from our newest member of our little farm. Alas, it wasn't to be as the sweetest little calf you ever saw was stillborn. We were devastated and tired and worried for our Ruthie. This morning is bittersweet as yes we have a cow to milk but no dear little calf to give it to.

We have cried over this precious animal and have wondered why...our hearts are broken.

As my husband was feeling the devastation he said something very sad. He said, "Here I am bawling over losing a calf and people happily abort their children every day...and go out for coffee afterwards"

We are moving forward and in the days to come put this pain to rest and look forward to the next birth from Rosie-girl.

The Lord never said life would be easy here...but He did say He will comfort us in our time of need so we are expecting His comforts today as we heal from this blow.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings...


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mom and Dad learning to chill out...

Merry Christmas to all....My husband does everything with "artistic" flare. I knew when I asked him to help me make some snow people they would turn out spectacular! Didn't he do a marvelous job!

Generosity...James 4:17

Generosity is not something we are born with...we have to learn it and then practice it till it becomes second nature. There are those who "give", but not with joy of heart or thanksgiving that they have the ability to give. I know of only a few families who portray what true giving is. In one particular family charity and generosity is probably the characteristics you would see most. In the past few months I've been able to watch as their oldest son is learning to be generous. This Christmas he blessed us with a gift, which he bought with his own money...from his heart! Yes, I am using it as our main tables "center piece" - as a reminder of James 4:17.

I doubt he will ever know how much this gift will bless see we always purchase "cold" cereal for Christmas morning since we eat hot breakfast all year long. This is precisely what is in those packages on my table - our Christmas morning breakfast! How do I know that? Well, this young man has a sweet little sister and she, with her big blue eyes looked up at me and said, "Mr. Griffin do you want to know what your gift is?" and with the biggest grin she announced "CEREAL" - Only the Lord knew that we'd be having our daily warm breakfast and foregoing the cold cereal this season...See how much the Lord cares for us...see how he worked it all out through a young man who is learning what James 4:17 means! Generosity, charity and good will should be the flavor of Christmas not the horrid packages and gifts and stress that it has become!

May you be blessed this year by someones generosity towards you! Thanks for stopping by...and by the way yes I am "Mr. Griffin" to this endearing little sweetie and I will miss it when she grows out of calling me "Mr. Griffin"'s just the sweetest thing in the world!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Living at a "ski lodge"

What fun we've had these past few days in our little winter haven. My husband said that it's like we are living in our very own private "ski lodge" - I'd have to agree. I truly love the place that the Lord has us and am enjoying every moment of the "beauty" all around us...
We've had a great time making mini snowmen, maybe we'll be able to make a larger one since as I type we are being sprinkled, once again, with "diamonds"....Enjoy the pictures - and as always thank you for stopping by - enjoy the snow!
The song writer with her "mini snowman".

Chicken Keeper and his silly hat...looks like a little nome....goofy guy!

Snow Angels...Keeper of the home even made one and was brought back to many fun memories of making snow!

Keeper and Little Man...yes, that is our pool in the background...another unfinished project that was left...there was a bit of water left and my funny "song writer" suggested that we use the antique skates I have as decoration and take turns going skating...a novel idea! If we could have I would have done it in a minute - I love to ice skate!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


A dear friend of mine came up with this amazing idea...cut out paper trees and give stickers for acts of kindness that are worth $.05. Next Sunday the children will redeem their "trees" and draw a siblings name...thus using the "tree" money to purchase the person they drew a Christmas gift..what a grand idea huh!

She also came up with the "prize" muffin...which brings me to the picture of our "song writer". The idea is a few times during the season to make muffins with a special something in one like an almond or 10-15 chocolate chips in the center...the one who gets the "prize" wins...and gets a prize. Our "song writer" won the first round of prize muffins...and her prize was a sticker for her tree and the last chocolate was great fun!

Thanks for stopping by...Merry Christmas to all!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well...this was a big disappointment - my usually beautiful french bread flopped! I was on the phone with my sweetie and was distracted...and forgot the SALT! It amazes me that even this little bit caused such a flop. I have to tell you that I was sooooo upset, I stormed into the front room and ranted about how this "life" we've chosen is just too much and I'd rather go back to purchasing bread from the store...I got over my "pity-party" and considered more deeply about this...I asked my-self this question...Am I "salty"?...God clearly tells us that we are the salt and if we loose our "saltiness" then we are not doing anyone any good and should be thrown out and trampled underfoot (Matthew 5:13) - ouch! I want to be salty for those who the Lord sends in my path...I'll remember this "flopped bread" any time I "don't have time, or am too tired, or whatever excuse I come up with to not read my word so that I can stay salty"...
...Are you Salty? Have you forgotten the beautiful covenant that you entered into with your Lord? If so, he is waiting for you to return to your flavorful, salty self...turn off the computer and seek His word - He will show Himself faithful to you and teach you what you need to be "salty"!
Thanks for stopping by...

Monday, December 8, 2008


"Oliver" is a wonderful hide-n-seek player...he always has us looking for a long is one place he wished we would have found him fast...hehehehehe...our "knight" was delighted as he discovered his dad...

Thanks for stopping by - I have lots more to say but will post later.

Hugs to all

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend....

We are thankful for good music....

Thanksgiving was a delight this year. We felt as though, even though we are facing some trials, we had the deepest and richest day we've had in a long time. A beautiful family joined us and there was good food, wonderful fellowship and the BEST part of all was that we enjoyed our very own orchestra concert. One piece brought tears to my eyes...amazing that music can do that isn't it. These young adults play beautifully. We were impressed by the way these young adults carry themselves and hold their own in conversations.

This family loves the Lord and has such a joy that radiates and if you are around them...well you can't help but capture some of the joy that they have - we were truly blessed to have them here.

We enjoyed roast chicken and duck, rolls, squashes, green bean dish, bon-bons, scalloped potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauces, spicy olives..mmmmm, squash bread - I'm sure I've left something out...oh, yes pumpkin pie and and coffee...we were all quite full!

The next day was our annual tree hunting day...starting with coffee at Starbucks then off to the tree farm to find the "perfect" tree...

I'll post more about our Christmas traditions later - but for now enjoy this lovely picture of our husband is the tree "picker". We all "hunt" but he has the last say...he thought this tree was darling with the added bonus of pine cones covered in sap, which make them look like they are covered in snow!

Thanks for stopping by...And may I be the first to wish you a very Merry Christmas...

Monday, November 24, 2008

A thought for the ladies....

Womb Cleaning Pad wrapped up in itself...

The backside or the leak barrier....

The front or the part that catches the "stuff"...

So what would you do with $100 extra a year? I could do a lot with that...What if you weren't able to get those monthly "things" you is my soulution and I love it!

I have been making and using these "womb cleaning" pads for about four months now and felt that I should tell you about them. First, they will and do save us money each month. Second, they are VERY comfortable. Third, you can use whatever you have to make them...I've used old t-shirts, socks for the inside linner, old flannel, new material if you want. I've used an old changing pad, the kind for on the go diaper changing. Forth, (my favorite reason) there a no nasty chemicals in them...just clean and fresh! There are so many pros to using these - give them a try! One more thing - this is a great first sewing project. My daughter is making a set of pads for herself and learning how to sew in the process...

A friend of mine suggested I try them and so I googled "cloth mentstral pads" and a lot of sites came up. Some where you can purchase all ready made pads - but why purchase them when you can make them are a few sites with the free patterns I used: - this pattern I like the best. - this pattern is very easy to use and this site has a picture of a square pad which I use this one for those heavy days/nights.

I've never had a problem with leaking. If I'm going somewhere I just bring a plastic zip lock bag with me and store them in there till I can get home.

Which brings me to washing is what I do. I have a small trash can with close-able lid, I put them in there and when my womb cleaning is completed I put them in the wash, by themselves, and do a vinegar cold water short wash first, then I will use "charlie's soap" and wash on a heavy wash with hot water/cold rinse. Dry as normal...or let them air dry. That's it simple, economical, and if your wanting to "save the environment" well there you go...a very "green" way to go!

Thanks for stopping by...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ahhh this is the life...

Our cows are so happy...they seem to love the pasture and their "palace" barn... Ruthie is letting us brush her and we can almost brush Rosie...they really seem to like our children!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at what we are up to....

Legos Are A Great Thing....

You have to love legos...especially when mom says no to the electronic babysitter...heheheheh! It makes me so happy to see my children playing with legos...they love to build and create!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Good Study

We love this "Ruby doll kit" a proverbs 31 study from Doorposts. I started this with my daughter in the summer. We only do about one step per week and she loves it!

Doorposts has a lot of inexpensive books, crafts, etc..., they are family owned and very scriptural.

Thanks for stopping by!

French Bread

2 1/2 cups warm potatoe water
1 tbsp. yeast
1 tbsp honey
2 tsp salt
2 tbsp olive oil
3 cups fresh soft wheat flour or all purpose
3 cups fresh whole wheat flour
Mix all ingredients except the soft flour for one minute in large mixing bowl. Then add the soft flour until the mixture cleans the sides of the bowl. Turn out onto floured surface and knead for 10 - 13 minutes. Allow dough to rise 30 minutes in greased bowl.
To shape loaves: Divide dough into two parts, roll each part into a 12x15 rectangle. Roll up tightly along long side. Pinch the edges to seal. Place on greased cookie sheet or stone. Let rise for 60 minutes.
When done rising slash the tops with serrated knife three times. Beat one egg white with water till foamy. Use either pastry brush or hands to lightly coat top and sides of loaves with egg white mix.
Bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes. Let cool for 10 minutes then remove to wire racks to cool completely.

Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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