Monday, March 19, 2012

Refreshing Water

For several months now I've been consistently drinking a gallon...yes I wrote a gallon...of water every day! I am so impressed with how well I feel I wanted to share my experience with all of you in hopes that this post will encourage you to drink more water...and eventually work your way up to a gallon or more a day.
This water journey started months ago when a friend was horrified at the fact that I was only drinking maybe one glass of water a day and so she shared with me why she encourages mass water consumption in her home. I was skeptical at first...but then started to feel great with only a few glasses a day.
I wanted to further my study on water and read the book "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" (here is the link)
This book was a huge eye opener and I determined to increase my water to a gallon a day. At first all this water was hard to take so I added lemon and gradually got to the point where I didn't need the lemon and actually started drinkink more than a gallon.
Some immediate results I noticed from drinking all this water were weight loss, craving for sugary snacks went away, the need for tea or coffee was no longer a "must have" for me, my complextion has really cleared up and I feel absolutely energized. I used to be so sleepy in the late afternoon but that is gone.
Several months into drinking the water I noticed that my monthly "flow" came unnoticed! This was huge for me as usually several days before my flow I would bloat, have a migraine that nothing could get rid of, severe cramping, and I would be grumpy - very grumpy.
One major health issue that has caused me much worry and stress has cleared up. I was experiencing a low throb in my lower pelvic area and the pain worsened as my flow drew near. I had been praying and asked Dave to pray about it...I was a bit scared...but the pain is gone...really gone!
Every morning I fill up a gallon glass jar with water and drink it throughout the day. If I have to be away from home I always take a quart canning jar along filled with water... "Water...Don't Leave Home Without It". Yes, there is the inconvenience of needing to go potty a lot, especially in the beginning of this journey, but the benefits are so great I think that it is an inconvenience I can live with. I've noticed that over the course of several months my body has adjusted to the amount I drink and seems to regulate it better.
I would never dream of drinking water or even suggest you drink water from a plastic water bottle....nasty! I want to do more research on this but so far the little I do know keeps me far away from most plastic "storage" containers...especially plastic water bottles! I will be compiling notes and doing a plastic water bottle post in the future but for now my main reason is that the plastic heats up and cools down all the time and this releases toxic chemicals into the if you are drinking from a plastic bottle you are actually doing more harm than good to your body. We were not created to ingest plastic.
I really believe that the Lord opened my eyes to how valuable water is. Water is incredibly amazing! Don't be skeptical like I was...go ahead take the plunge...jump in with both feet...start drinking more water - I promise you will feel great!

Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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