Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Simple Ponderings

Purpose...Homeschooling with purpose...life with purpose(not to be confused in any way with the fad of the "Purpose Driven" stuff). A few weeks ago a friend and I were e-mailing and she mentioned that some families whom she knows don't really seem to have purpose for homeschooling the children...they just are "getting them through" the school years.

My friend has plans for their children way into the future...plans to help them in what they are interested in right now...even though it may change....several will be doing on-line college courses to get them ready for the life God leads them...I was amazed at the insight, intelligence and wisdom in this...gearing school right now towards future interests...amazing concept. They still do the required basics but they are always thinking..."what do I need to help them accomplish the long term goal" They have set many home schooling goals and the children love it and thrive under it....something else to ponder -setting reachable goals!

It got me thinking on a CD we required our oldest to listen to before he was given his Covenant Ring. It was "What to Expect From Your 12 Year Old". I remember being shocked at how many young men, ages varying from 9 on up, were purposeful in their life and accomplished many good things for the Lord.

I've been pondering that for a few weeks now and wondered if I was just "getting them through" school....sad to say but I think that maybe yes...no purpose other than finishing school which in that there really is no value, hope or promise of a bright future.

So this last week I've really asked the Lord to show me what I should be focusing on. You know what He has showed me...to know my children deeper and then to school them accordingly.

I want my children to be so thankful that they were home to learn instead of feeling like they missed out...I really believe the Lord has laid this on my heart - especially at the critical age of our oldest son...who is really thinking about what he wants out of life. I've encouraged him to begin saving for his "all-in-one" farm he wants to start.

Of course this is all in pale comparison to the great purpose we all have...to raise our children for His glory to build His kingdom! This is by far the most important thing we could ever do...I've even counseled a young mom who was overwhelmed at the prospect of home schooling to start with just reading and studying the Bible.

May the Lord keep us and guide us as we seek His best for ours and our children's lives. Thank you for stopping by.

Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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