Saturday, November 15, 2008

Always wanting what we can't have...

We always long for what we can't have and my children are no exception! I haven't bought boxed cereal for many months now and my children sometimes really miss it...I do too for the fact that it's easy to serve! Well I had a dessert that called for rice krispies and they were elated at the idea that there would be enough left over for each of them to have a bowl or two...

It was interesting to me as they are normally served a hot breakfast...eggs, toast, oatmeal or wheat flakes...and they like it but they really miss the cold morning breakfasts...isn't that a hoot!

Thanks for stopping to you later!

P.S. In case you are wondering they do get cold cereal for breakfast on their birthdays and Christmas. I look at cold cereal like I would candy...moderation! I'm going to preach's just not good for you at all...really think about it. How can it be - it's cooked till it's "crunchy" - which means there is nothing left that's good at all...then there is the processing plants - gross! Even though they claim on all the boxes the vitamins and minerals etc.., but they have to add synthetic vitamins and minerals that the body can not process very well...there you have it your very own nutrition class...heheheheheheh

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Ranee said...

I finally got a chance to look at your blog. What fun! I love the cows.

As for those vitamins, they are sprayed onto the cereal. Bleh.

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