Sunday, December 21, 2008

Generosity...James 4:17

Generosity is not something we are born with...we have to learn it and then practice it till it becomes second nature. There are those who "give", but not with joy of heart or thanksgiving that they have the ability to give. I know of only a few families who portray what true giving is. In one particular family charity and generosity is probably the characteristics you would see most. In the past few months I've been able to watch as their oldest son is learning to be generous. This Christmas he blessed us with a gift, which he bought with his own money...from his heart! Yes, I am using it as our main tables "center piece" - as a reminder of James 4:17.

I doubt he will ever know how much this gift will bless see we always purchase "cold" cereal for Christmas morning since we eat hot breakfast all year long. This is precisely what is in those packages on my table - our Christmas morning breakfast! How do I know that? Well, this young man has a sweet little sister and she, with her big blue eyes looked up at me and said, "Mr. Griffin do you want to know what your gift is?" and with the biggest grin she announced "CEREAL" - Only the Lord knew that we'd be having our daily warm breakfast and foregoing the cold cereal this season...See how much the Lord cares for us...see how he worked it all out through a young man who is learning what James 4:17 means! Generosity, charity and good will should be the flavor of Christmas not the horrid packages and gifts and stress that it has become!

May you be blessed this year by someones generosity towards you! Thanks for stopping by...and by the way yes I am "Mr. Griffin" to this endearing little sweetie and I will miss it when she grows out of calling me "Mr. Griffin"'s just the sweetest thing in the world!

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I love the post!


Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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