Thursday, December 11, 2008


A dear friend of mine came up with this amazing idea...cut out paper trees and give stickers for acts of kindness that are worth $.05. Next Sunday the children will redeem their "trees" and draw a siblings name...thus using the "tree" money to purchase the person they drew a Christmas gift..what a grand idea huh!

She also came up with the "prize" muffin...which brings me to the picture of our "song writer". The idea is a few times during the season to make muffins with a special something in one like an almond or 10-15 chocolate chips in the center...the one who gets the "prize" wins...and gets a prize. Our "song writer" won the first round of prize muffins...and her prize was a sticker for her tree and the last chocolate was great fun!

Thanks for stopping by...Merry Christmas to all!

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