Friday, May 22, 2009

Your Thoughts Please

Hello All! I have a wild idea running around...but would like some input from all of you!

Here is my idea: For the benefit of "copy work" and spelling and vocabulary and ONLY as a supplement and not the replacement of actually spelling and vocabulary work I was going to require the children to copy one-two words from the dictionary every day of school.

Now we are about to jump into our summer schedule so this would be a nice "keeping fresh" exercise.

I do want to know what your opinion is. I will gather the opinions and then ponder and pray about this as I truly want the best for my children.

Hugs to all,


Mrs. Taffy said...

Okay, so my initial thought it why do they have to do it twice? Once for "real" and once for copy work? Or are you saying during the summer copy words from the dictionary and during the school year they do the other spelling/vocabulary? It's so much easier or interesting or relevant to look up words that they are encountering in their real life. Say you have #1 son reading a Henty book, instead of random words in the dictionary, have him find two or three words in the assigned reading portion (daily) and look those up and write them down, then there is a place of context to remember them by. Same for #2 daughter, what ever assigned reading you have given her, I'm sure she can find a couple words that she is not able to define to you orally. That's just my opinion! :o) I'm glad you are thinking about it! This is why we do English from the Roots up-it's latin and vocabulary together! Happy Summer School!

Keeper of the Home... said...

I knew you'd be the first one to respond. Thank you for your wisdom as that seems much better than just looking them up...and yes just over the summer is what I had in mind as we will not be doing "spelling" least not #1 son as #2 daughter will beg me do continue spelling...funny isn't!
Thanks again!

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