Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We Have Arrived

Just a quick post here to let everyone know we are well and safe. We found a great lake to play at and will be spending lots of time there and posting lots of pictures.

My husband is still looking for work and we would appreciate all of your prayers.

Thank you for stopping by - I'll post next week...maybe even put in some pictures.

Hugs to all...


Ranee said...

Glad to hear it! Give us a call again, and leave your number. We'll pray about the job situation.

Mrs. Taffy said...

Hugging you back from Minnesota!

Ranee said...

Give me a call or an e-mail when you get a chance! We'd love to get together with your family, or just talk.

Jill said...

Was heart-warming to talk to you today! Really helped me get through the couple hours in am when my hubby was in inscrutiating pain AND he had to wait longer at dr's cause I had messed up and made us late. Woe is me :( Can't wait to hug ALL the Griffins again!!Praying your needs be met. Love you all

Paul said...

God bless you! I hope everything goes well with you!


Sheree said...

Hope we can get together when planed

Anonymous said...

It's good to know you arrived safe and sound. Glad you had a chance to have a little fun too! My prayers are with you always, but with a little more emphasis on the job situation right now. Will be looking forward for some great pics soon. My thoughts are with you.


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