Friday, October 9, 2009

Gross...Grosser...and Grossest

This is a fly strip that was hanging by our front door...gross right? I had to cover everything. I'm so thankful for this cooler weather as the little pests have left!

Look at these two "piles" of scat...we found these two piles just a walk away from our place! Can anyone say grizzly! We haven't heard the grizzly or found any more piles....but are being very cautious and making sure we take the dogs along.

This Jerusalem Cricket was "crawling" along the garden path and so my older son had to have it for his bug collection! Here is why I deem it the grossest: He put it in a jar and put a wooden cover over the jar...we went to bed and I had bad dreams about that nasty thing...I dreamed it was crawling on us...eeeewwwww! It gets better keep reading....anyway since I had such horrid dreams I decided to check the thing and discovered it was where to be seen! I searched everywhere...under the chairs, on the table, under the dresser...etc..., I couldn't find it and gave up hoping that it crawled out the cracked door (we keep our door adjar at night as the wood stove just gets sooooo warm)! So I started getting my bed ready(we put our bed up and down each day)...anyway I started getting my bed ready to be put up and moved my pillows and guess what I found...yep this nasty little thing crawling around where my pillows were...I screamed....and screamed some more - I was horrified! My older son just loved this morning story...he was out milking cows as all this drama was going on...he could barley breath he was laughing so hard!


Mrs. Taffy said...

So do you think that thing was actually crawling around on you while you were sleeping? Causing the bad dreams? Oh my...I can FEEL your anguish! I can "hear" your sceams! I would have been screaming right along with you! Really though, it is a rather interesting creature, I've never seen one before. Are they harmless? I'm not going to comment on the poop...typical..hahahaha!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Jonah here,

That is such a cool bug!!!!!

Is it really two inches long like the picture shows?

Anonymous said...

Oh my word that is disgusting!! You poor thing!! I have had many dreams about spiders and snakes and such. I know how it feels! So scary!!
I love you guys!
Much hugs and love,
Strawberry Taffy

Paul said...

Wow, thats funny, funnier, and the funniest.

Love the pics. of the guys about to eat the


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