Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have added a new icon to the if you couldn't see it! To some of you it will be offensive...a subject we shouldn't talk about...really?

God's word says that we "Shall Not Murder"...these individuals are striped of their rights...they don't get a fair trial nor do they get an attorney to plead their case...their voice is never heard...

I want to strongly encourage you to rent the video "Silent Cry". It is done by a very prominent abortion doctor. He wanted the world to see that there is no harm done to the "fetus" (which in Latin means unborn child)...his eyes were opened...his heart was broken!

This new health care that is being pushed for will help fund abortions...and the money they collect from "We The People" choice or force will be paying for it..."We The People" should be weeping in the streets and crying will be on our hands...on our hands...oh, what have we done...Nancy Pelosi was quoted saying..."We will get health care passed. If there is a wall...we will scale it, if there is a fence...we will go over it" - they are determined to get the health care passed. One has to ask why? Why are they not listening to "We The People" you realize that over 75% of the American population do not want government health care? What are you to do...pray and seek the Lord...repent for the sins of our country...ask Him to show you what to do...He will be faithful to you!

Hugs to all and thank you for reading...


Mrs. Taffy said...

That's pretty hard to deal with...thinking all those babies are dying all the time...I would take a dozen...God be merciful!

Josiah said...

Thats sad...Wow... Glad you posted it! I'll post it on my blog too!

Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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