Saturday, March 13, 2010

Future Farmer of America

We were so blessed today! After a long day at the library we came home to this sitting outside our little place...a tractor for the boy who loves, loves, loves tractors...this was such a blessing to him and to me as I just felt so loved by the Lord! He knew that we would like, not need, but desired a fun bike for our little man to trek around the trails with us and He provided it...

Some other things I'm pondering is this...why do you suppose many who claim to be Christians shy away or try to avoid conversations about scripture? I have been amazed at this as I really felt the Lord put upon my heart to take my word with me to the library and share what I've been reading and what the Lord is doing in my heart. I felt I was to share with one lady in particular...she listened but was quick to tell me that she has read the Bible from cover to cover...when I asked her if she reads it daily she said "Why no...besides I prefer the Aramaic know the language that Jesus spoke..." I was flabbergasted...and asked her what she was talking about? She went off to explain and really lost me...she didn't want to discuss scripture, what the Lord is doing in her life....she wanted to discuss interpretations etc..., I tried to encourage her to read the Word and be filled...I shared with her that we really think the King James is the best and she would really glean from it...

I asked my husband later about this and he explained to me that first of all...Jesus didn't write anything down and second the Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament was written in Koininea Greek...not in Aramaic was written so that Jew and Gentile could learn, be convicted, and redeemed through the Word of God...

I wonder what your thoughts on this are? I am going to keep bringing my Bible to the library...following the Lord's leading as I know they don't reject me...they reject their Lord...I also stand on this promise that His word can not return void....

Shouldn't the Word of the Lord consume us? Shouldn't this be what we are passionate about? Shouldn't the truth be what comes out of our mouth most of all to whom all we meet? Shouldn't we be ready to give and answer in season and out? Shouldn't we be speaking His Words to everyone we meet?

Many happy blessings to you and your family...God Bless all of you!


Josiah said...

Yes, I believe you are right on all of those questions! And Yes, your husband was right! Jesus did not write any Scripture, he did not write anything that is recorded, except for the time when he wrote in the sand, while talking to the Pharisees.

Good post! And I am glad Titus got a bike!

God bless,


me said...

You are very right with your question. Maybe God is using you to sofen their hearts and evedionaly they will accept. We do not always get to see the seed we plant grow.

Your husbend was right God enspired people to wrote the Bible, He did not write it himself. Jesus the writters of the gosspel quote what Jesus says, but He did not write it down.

Any version will do as long as you are being feed spiritualy. I personaly like the NIV or NLT, because they are easy to understand, but it is you choice.


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