Friday, March 26, 2010

A week in the mountains...

Farmer boy gets a chance to drive through the woods on this Artic Cat "toy". What fun that was for him!

Here is our calf...all grown up now! Duchess is getting ready to be de-horned by this local "cowboy". It took all of 30 seconds, a large heavy duty wrench and a horrific amount of blood that I decided not to share...If you really want to see the gory pictures I'll e-mail them separately to you...

SPRING IS IN THE AIR...And with spring comes an overwhelming feeling of needing to be outside...not inside doing bookwork! So today we did our weekly spelling tests looked up the different types of evergreens and headed out for an hour and half hike into the was marvelous! A great find were the bones - which the children thought were fascinating! I think the favorite thing about this hike was the huge rock formation we came upon. It was a great hike, a perfect way to get the "spring fever" bug tamed!

Here Farmer Boy and Little Man are standing between two different evergreens that are prolific here...Hemlocks and Pines.

See the curved trunk at the bottom.

Happy Spring to you...thanks for stopping by!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Wonderful pictures! Great to know you guys are outside enjoying God's creation! Miss you!

Josiah said...

Glad you guys had some fun!

Apollos ~ You look good on that cart! Looks made for you, :D

God bless,


grandma s said...

What a wonderful day spent outdoors! Would like to have been there walking with you.

Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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