Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting Wood For The Winter

In the years past getting wood was something we did because we liked to have an occasional fire in our antique, for decoration mostly, wood stove. This year is a different story...we actually need the wood because that is how we heat our home - wood only! I really enjoy the deep heat of a wood stove and the toasty feeling that comes from having a fire. We all enjoy falling asleep to the crackling sound and watching the flames dance as they lull us to sleep in the evening....almost as enjoyable as sitting around watching the Christmas lights on the tree!

So here we are way up in the mountains, behind where we live gathering wood - and can you believe this blessing...the log company stacked the logs on the side of the road, decked them out and only charged us $5.00 per truck load...what a deal!

While the "men" were getting the logs the little people and I went exploring. We found this nifty old log cabin. It must be at least 100 years old. There was even a little creek down below it. Come to find out this place we were at used to be a mining town so this was probably a prospectors house at one time and they used the stream to clean the pans...fascinating!

It looks short from the pictures but the roof is caved in and the door is covered half way up with debris. There is still a window in tact and I can't tell if we are looking at the loft area and the rest of the cabin is covered in debris or if this was just a strange built cabin...I really wanted to explore more but the thought of falling down into a pit got the better of me...I'm not into creepy crawly things and old places usually are crawling with our little adventure ended. My daughter, miss adventure herself, was gladly offering to do the inside exploring...but I still thought better of it!

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Mrs. Taffy said...

Are you guys getting a late start on that? I hope Dave rents a splitter, that's what we did and it was so much faster at getting the wood ready! Winter's a coming!

I'm glad you got such a great deal on wood though! :o) I love our woodstove too! Mike just loaded the house with firewood and covered the outside wood with tarps. Soon we'll be enjoying that deep heat and woodsy smell too!

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