Friday, August 19, 2011

A Summer Collection

So here is a summer collection of fun pictures for you! We have been busy getting ready for the fair, playing at the lake and just enjoying the summer. My daughter got her first sqirrel - she shot it and skinned it on her own - nice job "Annie Oakley"!

I want to also take this moment to wish a very special friend "Happy Birthday" - she is dear to my heart and is a rare jem - someone I treasure!

Thanks for stopping by the blog - enjoy the rest of your summer!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Your hair looks great! You are so tan too! Wish I could eat one of those delicious rolls with you!

The squirrel catch is super impressive! Mike misses them all the time!

Solomon has Jakin on the brain...

Apollos looks so handsome-his teeth are nice and straight!

Of course your baby is ADORABLE! But I just have to ask...what's on his forehead? :)

Love you! You are my gem of a friend too!

Carolyn said...

Thank you Dori. I loved the Summer
Collection and all the smiles. Titus' smile would melt a glacier. God Bless you all.


grandma s said...

Good Morning Dory...
Just viewed your new pics...ADORABLE!! Everyone is growing up toooo quickly!!
Tell Jireh I'm pretty impressed with her even skinning the squirrel!!
Would love to give you all a big HUG.
Grandma Sharon

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