Friday, November 18, 2011

You Are So Silly

Some fun and very silly oldest son wins the prize on silliness! He had me in stitches as he "sauntered" into the kitchen with his younger brother's sunglasses on and his hair completely poofed out...he was trying to hint to me that he needed a haircut...he is so funny! I just love him and his great sense of humor!

I had to add the first day of school picture - as, to my horror, it has been since summer since I blogged...eeek! School is wonderful and we are all happily learning our ABC's!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Dory.. . . it is so good to see some pics on your blog and to hear what's happening with all of you.
How can Titus be 5!!! You all look so good. HAVE A VERY BLESSED THANKSGIVING!!!! Grandma Sharon

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