Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beyond Treasure...Blessings

As most of my treasure hunting has been...a huge blessing.  This is yet another one of those "blessed treasure" kinda posts. 

My daughter and I have been volunteering at our little thrift store in our little town...and have been blessed big time!  We aren't volunteering to get "things", we are doing it because it is something we love to do...organize and clean!  We have been blessed by helping people find things they need and blessed by finding some treasure for us too. 

One huge blessing...a box FULL of home-made aprons just waiting for us to discover them.  They are from the 50's and are so delightful.  My daughter and I went ga-ga over them...aren't they adorable!

These are my favorites...especially the blue one!

I have looked all over the web for this pattern...voila! 
Now I can wear this pretty green one and make a pattern from it for future cool is that?
They belonged to the lady who owns the thrift store.  Some of them were made by her aunt.  I was more than thrilled to know who used them before me...I love nostalgia!

Speaking of aprons have been working on this one with material and notions which I received for next to nothing from various places.  I made this reversible.  I even made up my own pattern, traced from one of my "trusty" aprons.  I used old jeans for the ties, neck straps and a fun pocket on the red one.  I love embellishments so I used buttons at corners and such...I think it turned out so very cute.  I don't think I'll wear this yet so I can enter it into our one day fair.

And these are my three trusty aprons that have seen me through failed bread, glorious cupcakes and special dinners!  These aprons have a special place in my heart as they were given to me by three special people...a friend whom I'm so blessed to still have in my life (cancer survivor), my husband,  and another special friend - here is her blog spot:

I also found this gorgeous plate.  It will go great with my favorite print of George Washington crossing the Delaware.

And still my heart!!!  I love bucket hats! 

What treasures did you find this week?

If you need some inspiration to get out there and go treasure hunting here is a great place to find that inspiration:

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!


Mrs. Taffy said...

LOVE THEM!! What a joy and blessing!!

Our Country Road said...

Oh they are so pretty!! How neat!! You make me want to volunteer at a thrift!

Our Country Road said...

Thank you for the tip on the DVD! We will be looking to get it!

Sally said...

I LOVED this post. Aprons make my heart pitter-patter! The nostalgia that goes with them in this instance is such a strong pull to the Love of Christ in our lives. Those special treasures He gives us in the word. Those little hidden nuggets that we find that bless us every time we think on them--or use them--or breathe them in thanks back to the treasure giver. Just makes us warm all over. Love your blogs. Blessings on your family and love to all!

Keeper of the Home... said...

Such nice comment! Thank you so much!

Sally, your comment was such a blessing to me - love you too!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Wow, what a find! Those aprons are lovely.

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