Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some Firsts...

Here is a glimpse of some of our firsts. 

My oldest sons first job is the ultimate first job.  Wouldn't you have loved to learn to ride and get paid for it?  I tell him all the time that I'm so jealous of this amazing opportunity that has been given to him...(I'm not really jealous...very happy for him.)  This is probably one of his favorite things about his first job....chasing the cattle.

My oldest sons first real cowboy shirt....which is required for him to show his market steer at the fair.  I'd say - he's one handsome cowboy!

Here is a first for me...cast iron pans!  I know that my dear friend over at:  http://mylifeonataffypull.blogspot.com/ will be so thrilled for us.  She got a set of cast iron a few months ago and loves them.  So here is the blessing in them - my husband was contracted to do some labor for the local food bank / thrift store and these pans came into the thrift store.  So he was able to barter some of his hours for them.  I was more than thrilled.  They are Lodge brand and are really heavy. 

Think my first meal in them will be eggs and sausage - oh, yum!  I have to look on-line to see how to clean and then re-season them as they need a bit of care. 

And lastly my first attempt at making an easy child's apron.  Easy because there is no tying bows so little people can easily slip the apron on.  Also, because it is lined I was able to make it reversible.  Gotta love easy!  Here is where I found the instructions for this apron. http://sewliberated.typepad.com/Montessori%20Childs%20Apron.pdf
Obviously I have a bit of adjusting to do...way to long and ummm well doesn't look very "manly" to me, even though the prints are airplane and fire.  My little guy was just thrilled though - because of the fire print - he thinks it is super cool

Thank you for stopping by - have a fantastic week. 


Sammy and Missy Parris said...

We love Cast Iron especially the Lodge brand. That is basically all I use now except for a few stainless steal pots and a few Pampered Chef things. We've been using them all the time for about 3 or 4 years and can't even go on trips (if I cook) without bringing a couple of my favorites. Loved those pictures of your kids. Missy

Sally said...

Ladybug I love your blog! The first's are terrific. Apollos looks just like Dave! How very blessed you are. The apron is great and son't you love the "special" look on a child's face when we make them the center of attention? Now to the skillets. As you know I am southern and I did not realize there were other pans for a lot of years Nothing cooks like cast iron. Use SOS on them to clean them up then a light coat of oil then into the oven --upside down for a long time at 350 or so. Leave them in over night to cool. In the morning make sure they look ever--as in the color and oil covering is even. If not scrub and do it all again. Every time you wash them--never in the dish washer--dry with a paper towel (one of my few paper product splurges) or a rag you do not care about saved for this purpose). Then put it in the oven upside down and let it air dry all night--ready for breakfast. IT should brown things like no body's business. If it doesn't oil it up again and throw it in the oven (this is called seasoning). makes the best cornbread--biscuits and fried potatoes. Yum--I will be right over.
Love you

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