Sunday, January 25, 2009

Joy Comes In The Morning...or Late Evening...

You'll remember the heartbreak we had a few days before Christmas as we lost our first calf.

Since then it seems as though we have been tested, like Job.

This last week we have been in constant fear of Dave's life....what started out as a simple infection in his finger spread like wild fire - he is now covered in boils and blisters all over his harm, back, neck other arm and his torso and they don't seem to be ceasing...the antibiotics are not stopping it! We were very fearful that he was dying of MRSA.

Our local Dr. could not figure out what was wrong with him - said it was strange and unusual but he would treat him for MRSA.

Friday night we decided that we should go to the ER as the sores were aggressive and growing fast - my heart was torn in two - I was not prepared to say good bye to the love of my life....and the thought of raising my children without their daddy was more than I could imagine...
Joy filled our hearts after THREE ER doctors came to look at him and said..." we just don't know what this have us puzzled as it looks like MRSA but its not acting like's acting like so many things wrapped into one...BUT WE ARE SENDING YOU HOME AS WE ALL AGREE THAT YOUR LIFE IS NOT IN DANGER...keep taking the meds and get to a dermatologist asap"... The main doctor kept apologizing for not knowing what was going on - she will never know what relief and joy we felt as we heard the words "not life threatening"...thank you Lord...beginning of our joy and hope restored...and a nice end to my birthday - knowing that he will be around next year as I will be "20"...shhhhh I mean "40"....

We are home and still struggling with why...friends have put it into focus for me - I've been reminded of and have memorized James 5:15-16 and have recited "God has not Left you" over and over and have been reminded that there is war in heaven and sometimes the messenger can not get through to Gods people like for Daniel.

It makes me realize that we need to be steadfast - in season and out of season - the Lord was serious about this! It reminded me that life is short and we need to be of purpose and many actually die without hearing the true many don't believe that Satan is crouching around every corner looking to see whom he can devour, shake of course, and steal the joy that was once there...people of God "Hold Fast" and preach the Word of the Lord.
Please continue to pray for my husbands healing...I miss his hugs and so do the children - we still have no idea if it's contagious so we are being careful...

Okay now comes the part we are praising the Lord for....because joy really does come in the morning - we are filled with it this morning as we think about our newest member "Dutchess". She was born last night and is the cutest thing you ever saw...full of life and happiness!

Labor was difficult for Rosie...Dave had to help pull the calf out - but both mom and baby are fine and we even milked Rosie for the first time this morning...phew Dave got a workout there...Ropes are a marvelous invention! You see a cow produces 10 more milk than a calf will ever drink...can you imagine that? Poor Rosie was very very very full...and not very happy to being pulled away from her calf. But once she realized the rope was her "friend" and that it lead to snacks, she held still long enough for the milk machine to do its job...

Meet Dutchess...and praise the Lord for his goodness to us...No that is not Rosie the mom...that happens to be Ruthie who is very very very protective of this new calf...she actually lead us to the birthing "room" in a thicket of trees...she would not leave Rosie's side and stood over Dave watching, nudging, was sweet! We call her "Auntie Ruthie" now.


Farmer Boy said...

I sure wish I could see the calf!
It looks beautiful!

Mr. Griffin, We all are praying for you. God has not left you.

God bless you all!


Big Daddy said...

Nice... good job you guys!

Farmerboy's Mom said...

Hooray and Praise the Lord! What an amazing blessing and proof that the Lord has not left you!!! All this passing around of prayer requests has inspired my dad to start another blog just dedicated to prayer requests! Cool! Did you get a picture of Dave pulling the calf out? I'll bet his facial expression was fantastic!

My friend Andrea calls 40- thirty ten. :o)

Happy Birthday by the way...I have a little something for you!


Lisa said...

Hi Dory, I was going to e-mail you a late happy birthday but read your blog first WOW! What a weekend! We will keep Dave in our prayers. Let me know how "40" goes so I can be prepaired, HA, HA! We miss you all but your blog keeps us up to date it's so encouraging. We have just (a week ago) sold our house and are narrowing down our surch. So you will have somewhere new to visit. Any progress for you?Well I'd better end for now.
Love Lisa

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