Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update of Dave...

Well, after much concern and worry we still have no idea what is plaguing my dear husband. I can tell you that the boils and blisters have now "melted" into red blotches and patches. He is not in any kind of pain and they don't itch...strange but true. The Dr. still has absolutely no idea what this was and his best guess is that at first he did have blood poising and then he had a sever allergic reaction to the first set of antibiotics that he was on...weird!

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, your rod and staff shall comfort me" - you've all heard this verse...we have also - but it means so much more now!

As I was pondering the events of the last week this verse came to me and it struck me that we had walked through the shadow of death valley...but that the Lord put his "rods and staffs" around us to comfort us...can you guess what I think those rods and staffs were? YOU, all of you who prayed and encouraged and held us up when we felt like that we had been forgotten, all of you who held fast to the promises of the Lord, all of you who prayed with out ceasing...YOU were the rod and the staff that comforted us as we walked through that dark and dreary shadow of death...thank you for being the rod and staff for us - thank you a million times!

May the Lord continue to use each and every one of us as rods and staffs for there are many walking in the shadows of death and need comfort!

Hugs and until next time - God Bless!

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That our sons may be as plants
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