Friday, April 3, 2009


Standing by the cheese press which is used for making hard cheeses.

Turning the cheese and wrapping it back up in butter muslin.

Keifer cheese draining for 24 hours...tangy taste!

Well our lifestyle has taken us down yet another path...learning the art of making cheese! It is quite a process but so far what we've made has been worth it. We've made keifer cheese, mozzarella, ricotta and our latest, as you can see, is farmhouse cheddar. We won't actually get to try the cheddar for one month as it has to cure.
Potatoes are not all brown...
Here is a picture of our favorite potatoes - the "cranberry" and "blue". They both have a wonderful smooth texture and deep flavor! Here I'm getting them ready for baked potato soup. I love using all of our different colors of potatoes for roasting with olive oil as it makes a beautiful presentation...


Mrs. Taffy said...

I wish I were there to try and help make the cheese!

Miss you!


Mrs. Taffy said...

I see Josiah left a comment on my behalf...I missed this post! Your cheese is beautiful! I would love to try your homemade Mozzerella! Good Job you guys!

Bubble Gum Taffy informed me today that when she marries "you know who" she is going to make cookies and bring them to my house! Isn't she sweet?

Miss you so much!

Keeper of the Home... said...

Heeeheteheee...marries "you know who" - oh I hope so!

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