Friday, March 27, 2009

Music to my ears...maybe not yours...and some other things to see...

So my older son took it upon himself to learn the basics of the guitar. He also decided that someday he would like to have "students" and a studio someday! (we know someone who is very important to my oldest son and this person does this for his living - and is very passionate about it...and shared with my son that he was self taught...and as they say - the rest is history...)
Here is my son with his first students, teaching them the very basics and loving it!
We got chicks and turkeys this week. Our knight bought six chicks with his savings and is learning how to be a good farmer.

Our children think baby chicks and turkeys are such fun and so cute! Ummm no they are not in our house - they have been moved to the barn - they just brought them in so they could show me and get a picture with them.

Something fun to do... a little cloth diaper/bib set for a baby doll! A dear friend gave my daughter a set for her birthday and she shared the pattern with me also. These are a snap to make and would be a great first sewing project for anyone wanting to learn basic sewing!

Thanks for stopping by - enjoy your day! A little something to consider...we just finished "Raising a Maiden of Virtue" from Vision Forum. I read a chapter a day in the morning to the children emphasizing to the boys the kind of lady they should look for someday and emphasizing the kind of Maiden my daughter should strive to become. I highly recommend this book!


Farmerboy's Mom said...

Well done on the bib and diaper! So cool that you got chicks! I love it that Apollos is teaching his students how to play! Things are happy at your house!

love you!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Hey there friend! I'm having trouble sending email...I haven't forgotten you! Mr. Taffy hasn't had a chance to look at it yet! I miss you too and think about you all the time!


Anonymous said...

I love those bibs and daipers!! That is very cute fabric, you must love to use them!
-Strawberry Taffy

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