Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baker and Beetles...

This is a moment to put in our history books...well at least our family history books! Here our maiden has gone from needing my help to not needing me at all...it was a bit strange and I didn't really know what to do...I found myself wandering around the kitchen...but she was reading the directions, and following them...She even let her little brother "help" frost the cake....

See little man's finger...yep he's a helping...
She picked these raspberries to decorate her cake with - it was so wonderful to see her blossom in this area...amazing!
Buddies and Beetles...
Here is a great picture of our "cow"boy and little man...."cow" boy had found a large beetle and gave it to little man - squeals of delight and laughter could be heard...our oldest son is a wonderful young man and takes the time to enjoy his little brother - I'm so thankful for that!


Paul said...

That cake look good! Rasberries! YUM!

Cow boy, I like it, :) When I give a beetle to my little brother (Jonathan) he squeels with fright!
hahaha, good job, "cow boy" You ARE a good "older" brother and you are a good son to your parents... God bless you in you life!


Darwin said...

What a Beauuuutiful cake!!
Mom, you have a right to be so very proud of your amazing daughter.
I just this evening was able to view all the entries since we last saw you.
Absolutely wonderful pictures!!
Even Dave with no goatee.
Grandma S

Grandma S. said...

What a beauuuutiful cake!
A job well done!
Jireh, you can come bake at my house.

Grandma S.

Keeper of the Home... said...

Jireh says...let's make a date of it...she will take you up on baking with you Grandma S....you have a special place in her heart...and she'll be sure to wear braids for pastor Mac as he "just loves to give em a tug..."

Mrs. Taffy said...

Okay, it wouldn't send...I'm posting it here! LOVE YOU!
Hi Dory!

I’m going to try to write again from this different email…maybe it will go through! How’s packing going? I’m wondering how you are managing all the meals and laundry during packing…it’s so hard! Life goes on, but then everything has to go in a box! Try not to let yourself get too flustered, it will be okay. It always gets done and it will be over with soon. Did you guys ever sell your other big stuff? What are you going to sleep on it the beds are going to be packed up? That was always the last thing to be packed when we moved. Oh I don’t envy you…I’m still recovering from my last move!

I’m glad you are excited about the little town there! I can’t wait to see pictures of it! I bet they have an adorable ice-cream shop and a feed store…everyone in town with know and love you guys before the winter is over! As soon as you start baking bread in your cabin it will smell great and feel like home, I know it!

We got the floor done last night…my fingers are so sore. All that sticky stuff, or maybe it was all the pressing, I don’t know, but my fingers are a little swollen and very tender. Mike stayed up late with me last night and we finished it. Mike was at a HEMI meeting last night and I was going to work on it until he got home, which could have been really really late. But he was home by 9:30 and I had already been working on it for 2 hours…we were done by 11! Yay! Josiah helped me move the furniture back in there this morning. It so much more incredibly better! Ahhh…

Last night I put Jonathan to sleep in the bottom bunk of Solomon’s bunk bed. I put up the long rail that is normally for the top bunk, to keep him from rolling out. He did GREAT! He stayed in bed all night long and he was even still in there this morning when I went to check on him. The stinker was sucking his nukkie and playing with his diaper cover that he had taken off…thankfully it was only wet! 

Oh, while I was at garage sales on Thursday a lady was selling some pampered chef stuff and I asked her if she had a veggie peeler and she didn’t but she was in the process of having a catalog party. She called me and gave me her info and I just got done ordering two veggie peelers on-line. I also ordered a “The Corer” and some silicone funnels. My sister in law has the corer and I love it since the I used her and the funnels I have been looking for…so that was pretty fun. The stuff will be delivered to me so I don’t have to meet up with the lady again! Cool huh? I love my veggie peeler! I have 1, my mother-in-law gave me 10 years ago! I’ve been searching for another one so Tirzah and I can peal at the same time! Really, no peeler compares…I’ve been trying them all! They all take off too much of the veggie!

Ahh…I’ve got bad baby envy…I’m really wanting another little bundle of PINK! God just hasn’t said yet…I’m not sad or anything, but my baby isn’t a baby and I miss having a baby! My baby bearing days are coming to an end I think.

I’m going to try and send this to you now…pray it goes through!

Love you friend!

Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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