Friday, June 11, 2010

Just The Two Of Us...We Can Make It If We Try....

As most of you know our living conditions have changed drastically...we are in a very tight trailer and all in the same space...all the time, thus there has not been any time for my husband and I to be quiet and alone...thus a long awaited get-away!

My creative husband found us a three-star hotel and paid half price for it because he googled "Price-Chopper" - I was so touched by what he did because he did it for me. He wanted his wife of 17 years to feel like a queen and I did...the hotel was gorgeous and overlooked the Spokane Park. Probably one of my favorite things about our get-away is that we walked from our hotel to all of the places you see here...downtown and along the gorgeous park along the was dreamy!

We both felt like we were given a second honeymoon...something that we both needed! Enjoy the pictures! The first one is of me as we left...whooo-hoooo is what I was thinking...I felt refreshed and excited to have my husband all to my self! I Love Him So Much! The Lord really rekindled our relationship as we were able to stroll along holding hands most of the time...We got a lot of "oh, cute" looks from on-lookers. Bet they thought we were newly married...teee-heee fooled them!

Elvis has left the building...

A perfect beginning to a fabulous! We love coffee!

Spokane Clock Tower along the falls trails...beautiful walk.

Yep, thats my husband hanging off of this huge slide...fantastic isn't it! We named this slide after some friends of know who you are!

Okay, so I fell in love all over again....yes, with my husband but also with this darling cafe! Madeleine's French Cafe - it was the best little
cafe I've ever been too...I loved the decorations as they were very quaint...blues, yellows and can you see it...roosters and baskets and antique me! The food was much so that we stopped for dessert and were so impressed we went back for breakfast and were not disappointed!

We did go to a movie, the new Robin Hood, and afterwards we tried something new...a Greek restaurant. We enjoyed a delicious fare of lamb, Greek meets and a delicious spinach entree... It was all so good - especially our breath afterwards! I don't think they have a website but it was called Santorini Greek Restaurant.
If you are ever find yourself in downtown Spokane you must try these two places - you will be delighted...ummmm call me first as I will want to join you!

Bye for now...thanks for stopping by!~


Michael said...

Yeah... I remember playing with that old wagon when I was little... They just don't make 'em like that anymore! ...they are so... small now!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Oh Dory...that was so wonderful! You two look so happy and your hair looks gorgeous! I'm so glad you had a nice time! You needed it so badly! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

much love to you!

P.S. Everybody over here is getting a good laught over the slide! Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had so much fun! Miss you guys! That was the biggest slide I've ever seen!

Carolyn said...

Fabulous idea and good for you! You look so happy......well deserved get away for you two. As usual, great pics too.

Here is a hug. CD

Jill said...

Is that a rooster sitting on Dave's shoulder?:)How fun for both of you...way to score the points,Dave!!I bet Spokanites WERE thinking you two were honeymooners!! hehe

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