Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obtaining Righteousness....

Today was especially hard for me. I've been doing good...keeping my spirits alive and well...but today I had really want to be done here and done with this lifestyle...the dirt, two children sick with no place to really keep them secluded...the dirt, the small space, the dirt, the ity-bity tiny space that my husband calls the "kitchen" - which is a joke, the hours of working in the huge garden, not able to have company over, and the list goes on...! I'm frustrated and want to be in my own house on my own land...SO I let everyone know this and how tired of this place I am...I let them all hear me and I aimed my frustration out on my husband mostly and blamed him completely for this decision....eeek!

It felt wonderful to "blow" he left to get firewood for the winter...he calmly told me to have a good day...humph!

I went for a walk and was SILENT...and QUIET...hmmmm I felt so much better when I got back and actually felt like I could make it through another day...

Later in the evening I sat down to read my word...I am in the book of James...and this scripture spoke volumes to me...corrected me more like it and I so wanted to share my experience with you...

James 1: 20....For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God

Do you see how profound this scripture was for me? I let my wrath of "man" forth and it certainly did not work the Lord's righteousness in my life or my families today...what a shame that I lost this morning to the wrath of "man".

Oh, friends in the Lord...let us each day try not to let our wrath out...being silent when things are tough and we are afraid, in doing so we will worketh the righteousness of God not the wrath of man...This will be a really hard lesson for me...

Well, that's my two cents for the day...I hope you enjoyed a peek at my heart and what the Lord is doing in my life....ta-ta thanks for stopping by!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Oh wouldn't believe it, but that's the same scripture the Lord has been laying on my heart! Owie! What I would do if I could give you all a better place to live. My heart grieves for you and prays for you continually!

Grace...Grace...Lord, Give us Grace to live this life well and pleasing to You!

Love you friend!

Hugs from MN,

Anonymous said...

Dory, I sooo do miss you and feel for you. You are such a dear heart, and only one that is truly His could feel as you do, read His Word or hear Him speak to your heart and have such a change. We do think of you all so often. I do understand your woes, and it is hard, and we all blow at times (even in the Best of times...shame on US!) I am so glad you and Dave were able to get away for some Much Needed time and space - refreshing. Yet, it is no surprise to me that your hard time was after the break. The breaks are SOOO good, but the hardest part is coming back to reality. I PRAY - with diligence - that your time there will be tempered to your needs and abilities. And I PRAY that the necessity to be in your challenging situation is short. It does certainly change our whole outlook after living in these challenging situations - thinking back to what you once had or dreaming about what you hope you will have again - you will never be the same, never take so many things for granted. Humility is PAINFUL! We love you all and pray for your strength always!! May YHVH Bless you and Keep you in all your ways. Dan, Paula & Family

Keeper of the Home... said...

Thank you so much...your comments made me cry!

Carolyn said...

Lovely Dory;

You have given all. Please don't be so hard on yourself. You are admired because you have precious feelings for all others and certainly your family, and you deserve to have some of those feelings for yourself. Dreams are good and what keep us determined to be the best we can be. Surely no wrath is found in this.

You are one of my strongest friends. Here is a big hug!


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