Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School Begins...

I was going to post about homeschooling and the joy of it all but as I read my husbands post today I thought he did a better job. Even though he doesn't actually talk about homeschooling he does touch on one of the reasons we are so passionate about homeschool. So here is his link and I hope you all enjoy what he has to say~! You are looking for the blog Satan's Parallax View On Your Children. I found it heart breaking at the realization of it all.

Just in case you are was wonderful and the children were delighted with the new curriculum choices I made. One choice that I'm delighted with is Apologia Science. I went with the Physical Science for our oldest and their Solar System Study for the two middle children. They are delighted and really enjoyed science the most today.

I will do a post this week about what we use and why I use it. I will also be taking our "school" pictures here soon...we ALL have nasty colds and look so terrible so I think it better to wait to take the keep checking and soon there will be a photo of my "students"....and a nice little review of what we use!

Happy Schooling...thank you for stopping by!

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Carolyn said...

I agree the school itinerary looks great. It will make school fun. Small town fairs are the best and congrats to all on the ribbons... way to go. Take care of those colds. (Loved the little chicks!)



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