Friday, May 25, 2012

Community Service

Today my daughter and I did community service.  Our very little town has a very little food bank/thrift store.  We went to clean and organize the thrift store.  We had a great time laughing with the other ladies and we both enjoy cleaning and this service was really a treat for us. 

To our delight we were able to pick a few things as a thank you for our time.  So once again I was blessed with "free" treasure.

I love this little jacket and hope the brown swirly shirt fits me.  My favorite treasures are the lunch boxes.  I have been thinking about making sandwich/snack wraps for my husband and son, but could not find the right manly material.  I really think it a waste to put lunches in throw away baggies and cringe everytime I these little treasures are more than I could even imagine (so true of the Lord isn't it - to give us more and above what we thought we wanted).  Anyway, they have a nice little spot for a sandwich and two compartments for snacks - I'm thrilled and can't wait to pack lunch!

Here is what my daughter was given...she didn't pick this out as she thought it would be not very tasteful to ask for this.  She picked out some material for doll clothes but the lady who runs the thrift store just loves my daughter and appreciated her hard work so much that she insisted she take this china doll daughter was so blessed.

So far all of my "treasure hunting" has cost me...nothing!  Thank you Lord for caring for my "wants".

Want to see more treasures?  Hop on over to this blog:


Mrs. Taffy said...

God is so good! The jacket and shirt are so cute!! And so is your daughter's doll! Thanks for linking up friend!!

Our Country Road said...

What lovely gifts! You must have been a wonderful blessing. I love the doll!

Keeper of the Home... said...

Thank you so much for the nice comments. Blessings to you!

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