Friday, May 25, 2012

Friend or Foe?

My heart rejoices as "flowers" start to bloom.  I truly believe that God wholly intended dandelions to be friends not foes

They have so many uses from medicinal to dying fabric...but my very favorite use of the dandelion is "first flowers".

You know what I is always the same sweet story.  A toddler with oh so chubby hands waddles up with a handful of flowers, freshly picked - just for you!  The flowers are of course dandelions.  Accompanying these beautiful flowers is the most glorious smile.

I still get "flowers" from my oldest to youngest and delight in each bouquet.  They are a special way that my children show love for me.  I proudly display my bouquet for all to see on my window sill. 

A while back we were helping at a cow round up.  After the work was done there is always a big feast.  The place that held the feast was dotted with dandelions.  I watched as my youngest picked these special flowers for some of the ladies.  I watched the reaction to his kind gesture from these tough put it in her pocket and smiled with delight for she knew the treasure she had just been given, but the others, even though they said thank you, put them back on the ground.  It broke my heart as I watched the confusion in my little guys face...for he thought his gift was a most special one, but they didn't.  These young gals didn't know what treasure they held in their hands but someday when they have little ones they will...and my prayer is that they don't throw the treasured gift on the ground but proudly display them for all to see! 

The first bouquet is so important.  It is a child thinking of others, making an effort to give something to show love and appreciation.  It is equally important for the receiver of the gift to display it, to accept it, to cherish you see our little, happy, golden friends dotting our yards are not foes they are friends teaching little ones about life.

Friends not foes. Next time you need to rid your yard of "weeds" - take a moment and think about your first treasured bouquet of them. If you are a young lady who has not received a "first bouquet", may this post serve as a lesson to you. May your heart sing with anticipation of the day you do get your first bouquet and may you treasure it and display it for all to see.

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Pslams 144:12 -

That our sons may be as plants
and our daughters may be pillars sculptured in palace style.

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